Tiger Swim Lessons & Stroke Development

From water exploration to stroke technique for competitive swimming, we have a place for  everyone. We offer a unique experience as our instructors are current members of the DePauw men’s and women’s swimming teams, each with several years of competitive swimming background. We are offering lessons for ages four (4) and up! One-on-one and group lessons (2-3 children) are available.  (Are you an adult and looking for swim lessons?  Contact Shea Davisson directly at  

Individual, one-on-one lessons are $80 for eight lessons ($10 registration fee, $70 instructor fee).
Group lessons (2-3 children) are $60 for eight lessons ($10 registration fee, $50 instructor fee).

In the case that group lessons are requested but we cannot pair them with any other children because of timing, level difference, or age difference, the 1-on-1 fee will be applied.

Dates: August 28 – September 21, 2017  (*we will still have lessons on Labor Day)
Days: Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday
Times: 5:45-6:15pm OR 6:15-6:45pm OR 6:45-7:15pm


Guppies – for children with little or no previous experience. Teaches children safe pool behavior and independent movement in the water, will include skills such as blowing bubbles, breath holding, floating, bobbing, and kicking.
Starfish – for children comfortable in the water, should be able to put their faces in the water. Teaches children to swim independently by floating, kicking, and working up to using arms and legs simultaneously.
Minnows – for children ready to learn competitive strokes. Teaches children front crawl (freestyle) with side breathing and back crawl (backstroke), and introduces treading water and diving.
Wahoos – for children able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke consecutively. Teaches children streamlines and flip turns, in addition to introducing breaststroke and butterfly.
Sharks – for children able to swim all four competitive strokes. Refines stroke technique and increases endurance, preparing them for competitive swimming.

Payment: There is a $10 registration fee for each child with the remainder of the balance paid to the instructor. Check or cash is accepted, but please make note that the $10 registration fee is payable to DePauw University.  Please bring your registration fee and instructor payment on the first day.

Please email Shea Davisson or call 765-658- 6689 if you have
questions about registration.