DePauw University Hall of Fame Inductees

Name Graduation Year Induction Year Sport(s)
${bio.get('first_name')} 1981 Football Team full bio 1981 Football Team   2016  
${bio.get('first_name')} 2007 Women's Basketball Team full bio 2007 Women's Basketball Team   2017 Women's Basketball
Glenn Adams full bio Glenn Adams 1925 1986 Men's Basketball, Football
Pat Aikman full bio Pat Aikman 1957 1998 Administration
Joseph Allen IV full bio Joseph Allen IV 1959 1994 Wrestling
Dale  Anderson full bio Dale Anderson 1962 2002 Men's Basketball
Norman Babcock full bio Norman Babcock 1930 1992 Baseball
Jennifer Bauer full bio Jennifer Bauer 1988 1999 Women's Basketball, Softball
Emil Bavasi full bio Emil Bavasi 1938 1989 Baseball
Tom Beaulieu full bio Tom Beaulieu 1992 2013 Football
Mark Bills full bio Mark Bills 1923 2004 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Thomas Blake full bio Thomas Blake 1961 1993 Men's Cross Country, Men's Swimming & Diving, Men's Track & Field
William Blake full bio William Blake 1959 1989 Men's Cross Country, Men's Swimming & Diving, Men's Track & Field
Joy Blang  full bio Joy Blang  1992 2004 Women's Golf
Tom Boese full bio Tom Boese 1968 2016 Football
Don Bollinger full bio Don Bollinger 1936 1991 Men's Basketball, Football
Richard Bonaccorsi full bio Richard Bonaccorsi 1985 2005 Football
Liz Bondi full bio Liz Bondi 2007 2017 Women's Basketball, Women's Tennis
Edwin Boswell full bio Edwin Boswell 1931 1996 Men's Basketball, Men's Golf
Robert Bottoms full bio Robert Bottoms   2005 Administration
Robert Bradley full bio Robert Bradley 1935 1988 Football, Men's Swimming & Diving
Mary Bretscher full bio Mary Bretscher   2017 Coach, Women's Swimming and Diving
Ann Brilley full bio Ann Brilley 1968 1991 Women's Golf
Thomas Brunkow full bio Thomas Brunkow 1961 1996 Men's Tennis
Arthur Bryant full bio Arthur Bryant 1956 1989 Football, Men's Track & Field
James Buelow full bio James Buelow 1975 1997 Baseball, Football
Kevin Burns full bio Kevin Burns 1988 2017 Football
Jennifer Burns Pulido full bio Jennifer Burns Pulido 1990 2011 Women's Tennis
James Callane full bio James Callane 1964 2002 Men's Basketball
John Cassady full bio John Cassady 1960 2011 Baseball
Tom Cath full bio Tom Cath 1976 2016 Men's Tennis Coach
Bob Cathcart full bio Bob Cathcart 1982 2015 Football
Sam Chattin full bio Sam Chattin 1963 1998 Football, Men's Track and Field
Harley Collins full bio Harley Collins 1965 2009 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Charee Condict full bio Charee Condict 1998 2009 Women's Swimming & Diving
Mary Conklin full bio Mary Conklin 1928 1986 Women's Track & Field
Thomas Cooper full bio Thomas Cooper 1966 1991 Baseball, Football
Page Cotton full bio Page Cotton 1971 (M.A.T.) 2014 Coach
George Crane full bio George Crane 1942 1986 Men's Basketball, Football, Men's Track & Field
Marion Crawley full bio Marion Crawley 1930 1986 Men's Basketball, Football, Coaching
Brett Crist full bio Brett Crist 1991 2015 Men's Basketball
Willis Davis full bio Willis Davis 1959 1991 Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field
Anthony de Nicola full bio Anthony de Nicola 1986 2006 Baseball, Football
Richard Dean full bio Richard Dean 1964 1986 Football
Elizabeth DeGraff full bio Elizabeth DeGraff 2001 2012 Women's Soccer
Terrence Dickey full bio Terrence Dickey 1992 2010 Football
Robert Doolittle full bio Robert Doolittle 1929 1988 Men's Swimming & Diving
Robert Doyle full bio Robert Doyle 1982 1999 Football
Cara Duckworth full bio Cara Duckworth 2002 2015 Field Hockey
Chester Elson full bio Chester Elson 1936 1988 Football
David Emens full bio David Emens 1961 1994 Men's Cross Country, Men's Track & Field
Charles Erdmann full bio Charles Erdmann   1986 Coaching
Beth Ernst full bio Beth Ernst 2001 2015 Women's Swimming & Diving/Women's Track and Field
Philip Eskew full bio Philip Eskew 1963 1994 Football, Men's Track & Field
George Eubank full bio George Eubank 1933 1988 Men's Basketball
C. Everson full bio C. Everson 1966 2011 Men's Basketball
Patrick Ewing full bio Patrick Ewing 1958 2002 Football
Patricia Fehl full bio Patricia Fehl 1949 1994 Women's Basketball, Field Hockey, Volleyball
Richard Fillbrandt full bio Richard Fillbrandt 1943 1996 Men's Basketball, Football, Men's Tennis
Robert Fink full bio Robert Fink 1956 1990 Football, Coaching
Susan Fischer full bio Susan Fischer 1993 2012 Volleyball
Walter Foltz full bio Walter Foltz 1962 1997 Men's Basketball, Football
James (J.R.) Foster full bio James (J.R.) Foster 2002 2014 Men's Soccer, Men's Track and Field
Russell Freeland full bio Russell Freeland 1951 1989 Baseball, Men's Basketball, Football
Norman Frees full bio Norman Frees 1936 1992 Football, Men's Track & Field
Robert Fribley full bio Robert Fribley 1935 1986 Football
Ford Frick full bio Ford Frick 1915 1989 Baseball
Carla Fritz full bio Carla Fritz 1995 2011 Women's Soccer
Jay Frye full bio Jay Frye 1972 2001 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Ronald Galiene full bio Ronald Galiene 1958 2003 Football
David Galle full bio David Galle 1987 2006 Men's Basketball
Earl Gardner full bio Earl Gardner 1948 1986 Men's Basketball
Dan Garrison full bio Dan Garrison 2001 2017 Men's Swimming
Chalres "Biff Geiss full bio Chalres "Biff Geiss 1962 2017 Baseball
Judith George full bio Judith George   2005 Coaching
Robert Godwin full bio Robert Godwin 1959 1993 Football, Wrestling
Morris Goodnight full bio Morris Goodnight 1958 1990 Baseball, Men's Basketball, Football
Helen Gosnell full bio Helen Gosnell   1995 Administration
Nancy Gritter full bio Nancy Gritter 1988 2000 Women's Swimming & Diving
Bruce Grossnickle full bio Bruce Grossnickle 1974 2005 Men's Golf
J. Guild full bio J. Guild 1953 2001 Men's Basketball
Duff Gula full bio Duff Gula 1963 2003 Baseball, Football
Cyrus Gunn full bio Cyrus Gunn 1929 1993 Men's Basketball, Football, Men's Track & Field
Sandra Gyorgyi full bio Sandra Gyorgyi 1984 2007 Women's Tennis
Lee Hamilton full bio Lee Hamilton 1952 1987 Men's Basketball
Midi Hansen full bio Midi Hansen 1988 2000 Women's Swimming & Diving
Robert Harvey full bio Robert Harvey   1990 Coaching
David Hathaway full bio David Hathaway 1984 2003 Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field
Bradley Hauter full bio Bradley Hauter 1987 2004 Men's Soccer
Haley Heathman full bio Haley Heathman 2003 2016 Women's Tennis
Brett Hecko full bio Brett Hecko 1992 2015 Men's Basketball
Heidi Heinbaugh full bio Heidi Heinbaugh 1991 2003 Field Hockey
G. Hershberger full bio G. Hershberger 1957 1994 Men's Cross Country, Men's Track & Field
Alan Hill full bio Alan Hill 1981 1994 Football. Men's Track and Field
Lewis Hirt full bio Lewis Hirt 1925 1990 Baseball, Men's Basketball, Football
Jack Hogan full bio Jack Hogan 1967 2003 Men's Basketball
James Hollensteiner full bio James Hollensteiner 1953 1998 Football, Men's Track & Field
Sarah Humbert full bio Sarah Humbert 1997 2016 Women's Soccer
John Isenbarger full bio John Isenbarger 1945 1995 Men's Basketball, Football
Brian Jaworski full bio Brian Jaworski 1989 2002 Men's Soccer
Donald Jones full bio Donald Jones 1943 1987 Men's Basketball
Kelly Morrison Jones full bio Kelly Morrison Jones 1999 2014 Women's Basketball
Paul Jones full bio Paul Jones 1924 1986 Men's Track & Field
Sam Juarascio full bio Sam Juarascio 1976 2011 Football
Cloyd Julian full bio Cloyd Julian 1933 1987 Men's Cross Country, Men's Track & Field, Coaching
Ted Katula full bio Ted Katula   2000 Coaching
Kreg Kephart full bio Kreg Kephart 1977 2007 Football
Robert Kirk full bio Robert Kirk 1971 2004 Men's Track & Field
Colleen Konicek full bio Colleen Konicek 1988 2001 Field Hockey
Robert Kyle full bio Robert Kyle 1978 2005 Baseball
Gene Laker full bio Gene Laker 1954 2012 Men's Basketball
Pete Land full bio Pete Land 1990 2009 Men's Soccer, Baseball
Ellen Lapierre full bio Ellen Lapierre 1993 2010 Women's Golf
Harold Laughlin full bio Harold Laughlin 1924 1992 Men's Basketball
Robert Lee full bio Robert Lee 1935 1987 Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field
Edwin Lindsay full bio Edwin Lindsay 1939 2017 Men's Tennis, Men's Basketball
Robert Loring full bio Robert Loring   1997 Administration
Eric Lortz full bio Eric Lortz 1968 2012 Football
George Lortz full bio George Lortz 1934 1986 Men's Basketball, Football
James Loveless full bio James Loveless 1929 1986 Men's Basketball, Football
Richard Mace full bio Richard Mace 1960 1991 Football, Men's Track & Field
J. Mackey full bio J. Mackey 1965 1993 Baseball, Football
Larry Marfise full bio Larry Marfise 1974 2013 Football
Lester Mathieson full bio Lester Mathieson 1957 1991 Football, Coaching
Elmer McCall full bio Elmer McCall   1995 Coaching
Thomas McCormick full bio Thomas McCormick 1969 1994 Men's Basketball
Thomas McGurk full bio Thomas McGurk 1968 2012 Men's Basketball
Carl Meditch full bio Carl Meditch 1959 2009 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Lloyd Messersmith full bio Lloyd Messersmith 1928 1986 Baseball, Men's Basketball, Football
Edward Meyer full bio Edward Meyer 1962 2005 Coaching
Mary Miller full bio Mary Miller   1993 Administration, Coaching
Paul Mitchell full bio Paul Mitchell 1969 1995 Men's Soccer, Men's Tennis, Wrestling
Donovan Moffett full bio Donovan Moffett 1922 1986 Men's Basketball, Football, Men's Track & Field, Coaching
Rexford Moffett full bio Rexford Moffett 1932 1988 Men's Basketball
Thomas Mont full bio Thomas Mont   1992 Coaching
Bruce Montgomerie full bio Bruce Montgomerie 1968 2000 Football
Kristin Kinney Morrison full bio Kristin Kinney Morrison 1998 2013 Women's Soccer
Nick Mourouzis full bio Nick Mourouzis   2006 Coaching
Gregory Mutz full bio Gregory Mutz 1967 1986 Men's Swimming & Diving
Ivan Myers full bio Ivan Myers 1916 1986 Men's Track & Field
Raymond Neal full bio Raymond Neal   1986 Coaching
John Oswald full bio John Oswald 1938 1986 Football, Men's Track & Field
Steven Overman full bio Steven Overman 1972 2004 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Maclyn Parker full bio Maclyn Parker 1951 2007 Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field
Richard Peeler full bio Richard Peeler 1949 2000 Administration
Charles Pence full bio Charles Pence 1918 1987 Football
William Pendl full bio William Pendl 1954 2010 Men's Tennis
C. Wayne Perry full bio C. Wayne Perry 1972 2010 Football, Men's Track & Field
Brad Pierce full bio Brad Pierce 1990 2013 Men's Tennis
Earl Pierce full bio Earl Pierce 1935 1993 Football
Gordon Pittenger full bio Gordon Pittenger 1973 2007 Men's Basketball
Susan Price full bio Susan Price 1999 2010 Women's Basketball
Janie Hodgkinson Priola full bio Janie Hodgkinson Priola 2002 2014 Volleyball
Dan Quayle full bio Dan Quayle 1969 2000 Men's Golf
Andrew Ramsay full bio Andrew Ramsay 1930 1986 Men's Track & Field
Adrienne Rasbach full bio Adrienne Rasbach 1994 2006 Women's Swimming & Diving
J. Reifers full bio J. Reifers 1968 1997 Men's Golf
Guernsey Riper full bio Guernsey Riper 1930 1989 Baseball, Football
Fred Roberts full bio Fred Roberts 1962 2014 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Mark Rolfing full bio Mark Rolfing 1971 1999 Men's Golf
Sally Rudicel full bio Sally Rudicel 1969 2001 Field Hockey
Roland Rust full bio Roland Rust 1974 2007 Men's Cross Country, Men's Track & Field
Robert Schrier full bio Robert Schrier 1957 1986 Baseball, Men's Basketball
Richard Schulte full bio Richard Schulte 1969 1999 Football
Erwin Schulze full bio Erwin Schulze 1947 1999 Men's Tennis
Gladys Scott full bio Gladys Scott   1988 Administration
Scott Shafer full bio Scott Shafer 1970 2011 Men's Cross Country
David Sheperd full bio David Sheperd 1951 1996 Men's Track & Field
Barton Simpson full bio Barton Simpson 1975 1997 Football
Laurence Skelton full bio Laurence Skelton 1960 2002 Baseball
Rudy Skorupa full bio Rudy Skorupa 1973 2013 Track and Field
M. Smiley full bio M. Smiley 1960 1995 Administration, Coaching
Colin Smith full bio Colin Smith 2001 2013 Men's Track and Field
Paul Souder full bio Paul Souder 1941 1990 Men's Tennis
Herbert Spier full bio Herbert Spier 1962 1998 Men's Basketball
Melissa Spowal full bio Melissa Spowal 1996 2009 Field Hockey
Richard Strakowski full bio Richard Strakowski 1961 2001 Men's Cross Country, Men's Track & Field
Raymond Struck full bio Raymond Struck 1926 1986 Baseball, Men's Basketball, Football
Richard Sturtridge full bio Richard Sturtridge 1927 1986 Baseball, Men's Basketball, Football, Men's Track & Field
Dwight Tallman full bio Dwight Tallman 1959 1992 Men's Basketball, Football
Richard Tharp full bio Richard Tharp 1970 1999 Men's Basketball
George Thorton full bio George Thorton 1962 1996 Men's Swimming & Diving
Richard Tinkham full bio Richard Tinkham 1954 2002 Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field
Richard Tomey full bio Richard Tomey 1960 1994 Baseball
Robert Torkelson full bio Robert Torkelson 1982 1999 Football
Jay True full bio Jay True 1981 1997 Football
Fred Tucker full bio Fred Tucker 1908 1986 Baseball, Football, Men's Track & Field
Laurel Turk full bio Laurel Turk   1995 Administration
David Vear full bio David Vear 1953 1996 Football, Men's Swimming & Diving
Ginny Vogel full bio Ginny Vogel 1983 2015 Women's Basketball
Alvin Volkman full bio Alvin Volkman 1934 1990 Men's Basketball, Football, Men's Track & Field
Jeffrey Voris full bio Jeffrey Voris 1989 2009 Football
William Walton full bio William Walton 1947 1992 Men's Basketball
John Ward full bio John Ward 1927 1986 Men's Basketball
Adrienne Gough Watts full bio Adrienne Gough Watts 2002 2014 Women's Cross Country, Women's Track and Field
Carla Weaver full bio Carla Weaver 1992 2004 Women's Basketball, Volleyball
Timothy Weaver full bio Timothy Weaver 1986 2007 Baseball, Football
Randy Wells full bio Randy Wells 1977 2001 Baseball, Men's Basketball, Football
Phillip Wendel full bio Phillip Wendel 1986 2006 Men's Basketball
Greg Werner full bio Greg Werner 1989 2006 Baseball, Football
Charles West full bio Charles West 1949 1998 Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field
Dan Whaley full bio Dan Whaley 1981 2017 Fooball, Baseball
Donald Wheaton full bio Donald Wheaton 1933 1986 Football
Alisa Beth Wickliff full bio Alisa Beth Wickliff 1983 1997 Women's Swimming & Diving
Kenneth Wieland full bio Kenneth Wieland 1982 2005 Men's Swimming & Diving
Jeff Willis full bio Jeff Willis 1999 2016 Men's Swimming and Diving
Peter Work full bio Peter Work 1961 2003 Football, Men's Track & Field, Wrestling
Leonard Yorke full bio Leonard Yorke 1956 1995 Men's Track & Field
Cecil Young full bio Cecil Young 1923 1986 Football, Men's Track & Field
James Zerface full bio James Zerface 1962 2006 Men's Basketball
1933 Football Team ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio 1933 Football Team   1995 Team
1941 Men's Tennis Team ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio 1941 Men's Tennis Team   1999 Team
1990 Men's Basketball Team ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio 1990 Men's Basketball Team   2003 Team
Douglas Ruud ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Douglas Ruud 1976 2016 Men's Cross Country, Men's Track and Field